MS Structure

▪ Tank and Transporter supporting Structure will be made from mild steel structure.
▪ All structure materials will be coated with 2layers epoxy primer and outside powder coating will be done.


▪ Transporter design and Fabrication will be made in House.
▪ All the items will be used from well known reputed companies.


▪ We will Fabricate PP,PVC with FRP,PVDF .
PVC with Flex PVC Lining and SS304,SS316Tanks Tanks

Filteration System

▪We can supply well know reputed Make Filteration
Systems as per Customer Choice,
▪ Filters Suppliers List,
▪ 1. Serfilco,UK
▪ 2. Hendor –France
▪ 3. Mefiag –Netherland
▪ 4. Qeehua-China
▪ 5. Siebec-France


▪We can supply well know reputed Make Air cooled
Rectifiers and Oil cooled Rectifiers as per Customer Choice,
▪ Rectifiers Suppliers List
▪ Kraft Powercon
▪ Green Power
▪ AE
▪ Sanrex

Hot water Generator,Chiller,Scrubber system

▪ HWG Make: M/s.Thermax
▪ Type: Diesel Burnt / Gas Burnt
▪ With Internal Boiler Piping and Chimney
▪ Chiller Make: Reynold, Climaveneta
Hot water Generator,Chiller,Scrubber system

Exhaust Scrubber System

➢Exhaust Scrubber System
➢Storage tank and Circulation
pump with level switches will be provided.

Pedestals for Machine ELevation

➢Pedestals for Machine Elevation and for the easy maintenance under the tanks

Plating Barrels

➢We will supply reputed make PP Barrels as per customer requirement.

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